Toshi Kawabata was born in Gifu prefecture, Japan, where he trained under master Japanese carpenters for nearly twenty years. Working mostly on temples and other historic structures, he learned the fine art of carving wood and creating joints that were both structural sound and visually beautiful.

After arriving in the United States, he continued honing his craft working on residential cabinetry and commercial casework, supplemented by carving and carpentry jobs. Toshi has now amassed more thirty-two years of experience in Japan and the
United States, working with homeowners, designers, architects, contractors and collectors in a wide variety of projects.

Toshi now works independently at his shop located in Alhambra, California. He focuses on projects in Southern California, though he will travel for worthwhile projects.

When he is not is his shop, Toshi loves to spend time with his family and explore the great outdoors, hiking and camping throughout California.  He also enjoys listening to country and bluegrass music.