Custom Furniture
Toshi and Barr-ban Woodworks can transform a vision or idea of a furniture piece into a reality. Of course, Toshi can also work from detailed technical drawings provided by designers and architects. In either case, the final product is sure to be a beautiful and structurally sound rendition that will last for many generations.
Cabinets & Built-ins
From credenzas to bathroom cabinets, Toshi applies a fine level of detail to all his pieces. The unique "Puzzle Cabinet" shown below in solid walnut satisfied a special need for a private client who loves assembling jigsaw puzzles.  The large stepped cabinet below merged a Japanese aesthetic with five types of hardwood, including cherry, black and English walnut and cedar.
Seating & Tables
Toshi has created a variety of table tops, bases and seating pieces, including a fine white oak re-creation of a favorite set of patio chairs for a private client.