Wood Slabs & Milling
Natural wood slabs are a pure expression of nature's beauty. Toshi builds table tops and counters with wood slabs that reveal an organic, free-flowing form, while providing durability for countless years of heavy use. To ensure better access to quality wood slabs, Toshi invested in a TimberKing 1600 mobile saw mill. This large, professional 27hp mill has a hydraulic blade feed and loader, 4-post cutting head, all-steel deck, and a remote electric clutch. It is capable of cutting logs up to 36" in diameter and 17 feet long, in the shop or in the field. With this equipment, Toshi can salvage wood slabs from sites around Southern California, saving them from destruction and dumping. He also sources quality logs from sources in California, Oregon and Washington, milling them down himself to meet the specifications for his projects.
The Milling Process
The following images reveal part of the process of transforming logs into usable wood slabs.
Wood Slab Tops
Some examples of wood slab tops include sushi bar counters and dining tables at a teppan-yaki restaurant. These slabs can also be used beautifully as dining room tables, including communal dining tables at restaurants and lounge tables in waiting areas.